Crete is the biggest island of Greece and one of the biggest in the Mediterranean. It is a place with its own identity, landscape, culinary traditions, dialect and people. Crete is the birthplace of the first European civilisation, one of the oldest writings in the world history and has been the land of many conquerors who left their marks and enriched our culture and landscape such as Romans, Arabs, Venetians and Ottomans.


Although we like to think of Metohi Kindelis as the destination itself, we are lucky to be in a privileged part of the world. The prefecture of Chania, at the westernmost of the island where our home is located is rich in natural beauties and culture. The endless beaches, gorges, caves, thousands of endemic plants, animals, vast olive and orange groves its combination of wild landscapes and crystal seas, compose Crete’s unique canvas. The mountainous inland with the small picturesque villages, scattered churches and Byzantine chapels, little family tavernas and Ancient monuments offers for great excursions.The city of Chania is admittedly one of Greece’s most beautiful towns combining its rich heritage and beautiful architecture with stylish cafés, bars and great restaurants, an interesting viticulture and talented local craftsmanship.

Our guests love Crete for its nature, its unique landscape that contrasts the high mountains and the sea, the hikes, the flora, the people’s temperament and hospitality, the history, the quantity and quality of Ancient towns, the special culinary identity. Everyone loves the fact that you can spend months to discover the island due to its size (the fifth biggest in the Mediterranean) and abundance and of course the real local life that is not a mere touristic setting-being the home of 600.000 people.

Crete is a destination that can be fulfilling on its own and Metohi Kindelis will be a perfect hideaway, whether you want to explore Crete and its culture, savour the flavours and indigenous flora, drift through the mountainous villages, contemplate the architecture or simply relax in a peaceful setting and enjoy genuine local hospitality.