In our family we believe that experiences are the most important capital in someones life and the most valuable thing to share with loved ones. 
By choosing Metohi Kindelis for your stay you probably share that opinion too and prefer an authentic and living place rich in history and personality with its flaws and imperfections rather than an impeccable resort. Staying in our family home, in our ancestral land, trying our produce and the locally sourced goods, cooking your breakfast listening to our music selection, walking around our botanical garden, is already an experience as it it…
We have a wine list with few Greek labels and love to share our restaurant ideas when we meet (no stress booking ahead is not a thing in Crete you can wait till you arrive to find out about those…) and can also plan a private dinner in our premises if requested ahead. 
However we propose more experiences that could enhance your journey and can also help you organise any ideas you may have, such as special dinners, surprise treats etc.
Contact us to tell us what you d like to experience!