Out of personal experience, wellness retreats are a unique way to cleanse your body and mind, get in touch with the nature and offer yourself profound restoration.

Our retreats main focus is to detox and nourish with wholesome food from the farm. For the rest we collaborate with different professionals to create different programs that will help you detoxify and feel good!

You can design your own personal retreat with us

Let us know if you want to be informed when we plan our next group retreat here.


We have created a beautiful area in the appeasing setting of our botanical garden where you can enjoy our massages and treatments performed with natural local ingredients such as olive oil, sea salt and handpicked clay.

Contact us to reserve your massage.


We love a holistic approach to well being and therefore have created a mini detox plan that can be combined with yoga or qi gong and whole food vegetarian meals or juice fasting for the braver. The aim is to help yourself release toxins from the body and mind and prepare yourself to absorb vitamins, restore and heal. A minimal one week notice is required.


We designed a revitalising morning plan starting with a healing massage at the garden to prepare the body to enjoy a delicious detox brunch with locally sourced whole ingredients.



While we do provide yoga mats for your daily practice, we can also arrange for a yoga instructor to guide your practice at your garden or the botanical garden. Please note that a few days notice is required.

Qi Gong and Tai Chi

Our newest addition is a colaboration with a Qi Gong instructor, the ancient Chinese art of coordinated body-posture and movement, breathing and meditation that leaves you feeling calm, healthy, stretched, connected with yourself and refreshed.

Group sessions also available on request.