Our Motivation

We decided to do this retreat to transmit the values that matter to us, to share the beauty and wealth of the land of Crete in its best season of the year and to inspire with ideas that will help you live in a more balanced and mindful way while taking care and loving yourself. 

We want you to feel fresh and vibrant in the mornings, warm and calm in the evenings and overall mindful and inspired!

The Estates

We will be sharing our time between two historic estates both active organic farms over the past few centuries,  surrounded by orchards and gardens.

Both Metohis also house the owners families and at the same time provide a unique feeling of privacy and luxury accommodation for their guests with a touch of a homey feeling. 

We will be sharing yoga practice in the gardens of Metohi Kindelis and the beautiful restored open floor in the Metohi Kalliterakis barn overlooking the olive grove for the chilled afternoons yoga and conversations around our bowl of soup.

The Location

Crete is the biggest island of Greece enjoying the warm and mild climate of the South Mediterranean.

Home to great civilisations since the Ancient times it has a unique charm due to its powerful landscape combining the mountains and the sea but also its people with their strong character and traditions. 

Autumn is one of the prettiest seasons in Crete. The nature is rich and prosperous and its people return to their rhythms after the frenzy of the summer. For those who haven’t been in the island before we recommend planning a few extra days after the retreat for experiencing the place and its people.


We will be practicing Hatha yoga empower and stretch the body while some afternoons will be dedicated to the quiet and inward practice of Yin Yoga


Organic, zero kilometre fruits and vegetables from the farm, indigenous or tropical acclimatised fruits, in one of the best seasons with fruits such as mango, cherimoya, avocado, grapes, figs, pomegranates, guavas and various vegetables will be carefully prepared and served during the whole week in the base of the whole food philosophy and recipes inspired in the local cuisine. 

Breakfast: fresh juice and fruits with seeds 

Lunch: Cleansing balanced meal inspired in local recipes 

Afternoon snack: fruit

Dinner: warm vegetable soup

The people


Aïda is a spiritual nomad guided by her intuition and the nature.

Born in Lithuania surrounded by forests, meadows, rivers and lakes. She studied classical piano and audiovisuals. She has traveled and lived in different places around the world.

She studied yoga in India and has successfully lead retreats in Philippines, Vietnam and classes around Europe. She is trained in Traditional Thai Yoga massage and Shiatsu treatments.

Aïda has been living on plant based foods for the last

ten years in various places in the world where she gained a wide knowledge of different edible

cultivated and wild plants. This journey led her to Crete were she loved the special climate and its thousands indigenous plants. 


Danae is a creative entrepreneur passionate about food, traveling, art and design. 

She has lived in different places in Europe for her studies and work and has travelled around the world before landing back to her native Crete to take over the management of her family historic estate, Metohi Kindelis luxury farm hotel. 

In the past five years she has developed various projects around gastronomy and well-being. She is interested in the quality of food and an avid supporter of sustainable and environmental friendly organic cultivation and consumption.  

After experiencing the benefits of a detox retreat herself she decided to host one in her family land.